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Learn To Dance Around The World With Your Special Someone From Home

Travel the world together with no airfare and no reservations

Client Testimonials

Hear From Other Couples!

“This really improved our ability to actually be present together.

It's so cool how easy it is to connect!"

- Kierston & Maria Kreider

“Super simple and fun, whether you're experienced or a newbie!

Phil & Natasha are such awesome teachers."

- Charlie & Kristin Knupp

“Dancing together with this program took our relationship to a whole new dimension! Love you Phil & Natasha!!"

- Tim & Sasha Rothwell

“My husband bought it for us and we are having a great time! You really feel comfortable dancing together as a couple. Try it out, you won't regret it!"

- Stacey & Ed DeWolf

“We had the BEST time with this. We celebrated our anniversary and it was a really special date night thanks to Phil & Natasha!"

- Vanessa & Jeff Heatwole

“We are having a blast! If you are looking to dance together and have a ton of fun, look no further!!!"

- Jordan & Kyle Templeton

“Every lesson is a great experience. And Phil and Natasha help us feel like we are really dancing well, it allows us to feel confident and comfortable!"

- Stephen & Brittany Colabrese

“Loving it! Moving together is so easy with these lessons!

Thanks Phil & Natasha."

- Andre & Becca Burkholder

"Phil and Natasha have been exceptional teachers! We started out knowing basically nothing and feel like we've grown so much so fast!"

- Kameron & Ashlyn Hall

Are You Ready To Bring Fun And Intimacy Back To Your Relationship?

Explore each other again. Drive each other wild. Let your date nights bring you closer. Regularly discover deeper connection, effortlessly.

Whether you're a complete beginner, or not, we are here at every step, turn, and twirl to guide and empower you.

Make every moment together special!

Dance Together makes dance accessible for couples looking for more ways to enjoy intimacy and meaningful connection together.

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