Do you Feel more Like roommates than lovers Lately?

Enjoy more intimacy and play together without even having to leave home!

Ignite your connection, step-by-step, together with playful dance dates you'll both love!

How can you reignite the spark?

Enjoy An Intimate Getaway With Your Special Someone, From Home!

Travel the world together with no airfare and no reservations.

Client Testimonials

Hear From Other Couples!

Kierston & Maria Kreider

“This really improved our ability to actually be present together.

It's so cool how easy it is to connect!"

Charlie & Kristin Knupp

“Super simple and fun, whether you're experienced or a newbie!

Phil & Natasha are such awesome teachers."

Tim & Sasha Rothwell

“Dancing together with this program took our relationship to a whole new dimension! Love you Phil & Natasha!!"

Stacey & Ed DeWolf

“My husband bought it for us and we are having a great time! You really feel comfortable dancing together as a couple. Try it out, you won't regret it!"

Vanessa & Jeff Heatwole

“We had the BEST time with this. We celebrated our anniversary and it was a really special date night thanks to Phil & Natasha!"

Jordan & Kyle Templeton

“We are having a blast! If you are looking to dance together and have a ton of fun, look no further!!!"

Stephen & Brittany Colabrese

“Every lesson is a great experience. And Phil and Natasha help us feel like we are really dancing well, it allows us to feel confident and comfortable!"

Andre & Becca Burkholder

“Loving it! Moving together is so easy with these lessons!

Thanks Phil & Natasha."

Kameron & Ashlyn Hall

"Phil and Natasha have been exceptional teachers! We started out knowing basically nothing and feel like we've grown so much so fast!"

Serious question

When Did You Last Laugh Together?

For many couples, this question would be followed by an uncomfortable silence...

In our case, recalling our previously cold relationships was no fun. We created a way to free couples for more intimacy and fun together regularly...

What would change if you could remove distance and friction from your relationship, and replace them with laughter and excitement?

You may not feel like a great dancer. Your partner may not either... You might feel you've got two left feet... if that is how you feel... you are right where you should be!

We made our program to be the perfect fit for couples who want to play together again. What makes our program a perfect fit for them?

It uses simple playful dance experiences to deepen connection and make date nights great again. It offers guidance from us directly, it provides all the tools a couple needs to succeed. Best of all, it is entirely online...

Laugh together even if you step on each other's feet, excite each other again.

It's a couple's dream aphrodisiac, from home.

What makes your getaway so beneficial for your relationship?

Made For Passionate Couples

You know you both want fun, adventure, excitement, and passionate intimacy.

Now you can explore, laugh, and connect romantically. Become the couple every couple dreams of being. The ones who are always having fun, and don't even have step out of the house to have playful date nights, unless they want to!

Make Passion Possible

With A Couples Dance Getaway

As a passionate couple, we developed a fun-focused experience that any couple can enjoy, no matter what, or where! No babysitter, no traffic, and no breaking the bank.

Hola Intentional Intimacy

And Spicy Moments

Don't waste your date nights with Netflix binges any longer; experience fulfilling cliff hangers, wrap-ups, and finales in the arms of your partner instead.

Au Revoir Awkwardness

With Learning That Empowers

We've never met anyone who couldn't dance, only those too afraid to try. Our program has enabled couples, many of whom swore dance was impossible for them, to dance together effortlessly!

Ciao Ciao Confusion

With Personalized Guidance

Explore without confusion and get answers to your questions with our unique feedback system. Professional feedback from your coaches in just a few clicks.

Are You Ready To Bring Fun And Intimacy Back To Your Relationship?

Explore each other again. Drive each other wild. Let your date nights bring you closer. Regularly discover deeper connection, effortlessly.

Whether you're a complete beginner, or not, we are here at every step, turn, and twirl to guide and empower you.

Make every moment together special!


Frequently Asked Questions

A unique dance philosophy that empowers any couple to dance effortlessly, including you, without the time, cost, or effort required by "traditional" learning methods.

Isn't learning in person going to get me better results than learning online?

Learning in person can have definite advantages over most online learning programs. But our program is designed to bring everything you need from an in-person learning experience right to you and allow you to also take advantage of the unique benefits of learning from home together.

Enabling you and your partner to connect more deeply and learn faster is our goal. Learn in a distraction and embarrassment free environment. Receive the best guidance, faster growth, and the most effective tools to grow together and become a confident, passionate couple through dance.

Obstacles even present with in-person learning. Learn how we this revolutionary method can meet your learning goals while saving you time, energy, and costs. Begin by scheduling a free 1-on-1 consultation with your coaches today. Schedule A Call

What if our schedule is very busy, will we still be able to take advantage of this program?

Yes! Our program was created specifically for couples with busy schedules. Kids, jobs, social activities, church events, and anything else that demands your time won't hinder your connection with your partner. As a busy couple who wanted something we could use to enjoy connection and fun without tons of time, effort, or cost, we wanted to give the same to you.

Our program uses pre-recorded lessons that are between 5-20 minutes that allow you to learn easily and comfortably, on your time, as often as you want! When you need personalized feedback just click a button, record, and hit send and you'll receive a personalized reply!

Don't let a busy lifestyle stop you from experiencing the fun and connection that's there for you, instead enjoy an experience that is designed to complement your lifestyle and provide relational breakthroughs for you and your partner!

What if I need more help from my coaches?

Everyone needs extra help sometimes, that's why we provide an add-on solution available for any of our courses-

FastTrack Coaching: A Live Coaching Add-On that offers exclusive 1-to-1 training with your coaches 2-4 times a month for only $247/month! Enjoy live feedback, training and get answers to all your questions.

We also include free access to our online couples community that allows our students to ask questions, engage with one another, and enjoy community connections with us and other learners as they explore dance together.

What does the Learn Dance at Home program provide me with, and what does it cost?

We provide couples exclusive access to our specially designed training method, which has provided game-changing results for hundreds of couples. No matter their experience level every couples has enjoyed more confidence, smoothness, deeper connection, and fun after exploring dance with us.

The Dance Passport program currently provides 8 unique courses that inspire more fun and connection for couples-

The Connection Course: Enjoy short, powerful trainings that will have you and your partner connecting like magic. Say goodbye to stumbling feet, discomfort, and jitters.

"I wish I could live here," said one of our students after enjoying these unique connective exercises.

The Rhythm Course: Learn to connect effortlessly with any music using short trainings that demystify rhythm and dancing to music!

The Bachata Course: Master the foundation of Bachata and become playful partners and feel like you stepped onto a Caribbean beach while dancing to the inviting sounds of this Dominican specialty.

The Waltz Course: Master the foundation of Waltz and become smooth angels floating across the grand halls of Vienna with this Austrian classic.

The Urban Kiz Course: Master the foundation of Urban Kiz and glide effortlessly while feeling like Mr. & Mrs. Smith with this new European powerhouse.

The Swing Course: Master the foundation of East Coast Swing and jive happily with your partner like you're at a 1940s sock hop with this exhilarating African-American style.

The Salsa Course: Master the foundation of Salsa while getting creative with your partner to the energetic vibes of this Puerto Rican-American blast.

The Bonus Course: We overdeliver, access several awesome intermediate trainings on all 5 of the dances above, AND enjoy mastering a 6th dance, Foxtrot!

The Couples Community: Enjoy an immersive community including with any program and receive support from your coaches. Ask questions, engage with other learning couples, and opportunities to explore as a community.

New Programs (2024-2025): We will be providing a whole new program for our dedicated students with even more opportunities to explore the world through dance from home-

1. Musicality: unlocking your unique playful creativity to any song, in any dance

2. Dance Courses- Brazilian Zouk, Konpa, Kizomba, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Cha Cha, Argentine Tango, and More!

3. Alpha- Rhythms (Solo Training for Men)

4. QueenStyle (Solo Training for Women)

5. Your Best Wedding Dance Ever (First Dance Course)

6. FullyConnected Dancers: VIP Training Community with live group coachings, priority support, and fun community creating experiences.

The cost is just $97/month or $997/year. To begin your effortless dance journey click HERE!

What if my partner or I had a bad dance experience that made learning unenjoyable/uncomfortable?

Many of our couples have come to us with bad learning experiences. The existence of uncomfortable/negative learning experiences is what drove us to create a program where couples could learn with teachers, community, and experience that would inspire, instead of tear-down. Leave all the judgment behind.

Your coaches and your community are here. We firmly believe you will find your inspiring learning space with us.

How does your philosophy differ from Ballroom or Social dancing?

Ballroom Philosophy: Modern Ballroom focuses on training dancers to "perform" or "compete" for an audience. It does not focus on connection, creativity, or instinct. Modern Ballroom also homogenizes dances in an effort to make it "easier" to learn. This deprives explorative students of the opportunity to immersively explore the culture behind the dances. For couples, any length of time in ballroom will turn them into carbon copies of every other couple and remove their uniqueness. Creativity, playfulness, and a dynamic connection to their partner and the music will be severely lacking. Because of the performative focus, modern ballroom communities often foster judgmental and cliquish environments, making it awkward and uncomfortable for new dancers to attempt to grow.

Our Response: In the Instinct Method, we focus on using connection first to empower couples, using the abilities every person already has to produce effortless dancing. Rather than trying to teach the unique couple to fit into a mold of our design, we help couples tap into their own creativity and playfulness, not teaching them to dance for others, but for each other. We empower couples to understand the dance deeply, and move to each dance in its own unique way. Community inspiration is essential for any couple to learn well, the Instinct Method focuses on inspiring couples to build community, be welcoming and inspiring.

Social Dancing Philosophy: Social dancing does provide some freedom to just cut loose, but a lack of structure makes couples unable to receive guidance that would allow them to level up their playfulness and creativity. The Social Philosophy often drives new learners to mimic the fanciest moves and flashiest tricks, rather than receive empowerment to engage with their partner with better connection and body movement. Many new dancers end up experiencing very uncomfortable and awkward run-ins at social events with the "macho dancers" who feel they run the scene, often these "macho dancers" develop a cult of followers who will mimic their exclusionary behavior.

Our Response: Fun, dynamic energy AND inspiring, comfortable encounters are essential for new learners. We have made sure couples receive the fun of high-level movements, the grounding of instinctive body movement training, and the empowering structure of quality guidance. The Instinct Method strives to take the best facets of any philosophy and incorporate it to make our couples' learning experiences even better.

What if I don't have a partner, but I want to learn?

While our program is designed for couples, we provide strategies to encourage individuals without a partner to learn as well or to find a friend to learn with to better explore this awesome experience of dancing.

I have seen learning DVDs and other online learning options, like YouTube, what makes your program better for me?

The main value in virtual learning is the opportunity to learn at your own pace and schedule. People have access virtually to the combined knowledge of all of human history via their smartphones, yet most people still choose to learn new things in settings that involve the human touch. Our program combines the accessibility and affordability of virtual learning with that key human component. For those who want to grow with their partner and enjoy more dancing in the most revolutionary way, our program provides that.

Dance Together makes dance accessible for couples looking for more ways to enjoy intimacy and meaningful connection together.

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